Tracking Shots: minus moose (2015) 5min, 16mm, made in Vermont 

Winter is cold, the Taiga is vast, and moving through it somewhere is a cloistered beast. This film is the first of several animated tracking shot films and was shot with a Bolex on black and white reversal film, then hand processed in buckets. 


3 Generations: Training (2014) 10min, color, sound, 16mm

A collage film. Contents: a 70s educational film for parents, silk screen copies, macro footage of court and police records, 2 photographs, elastration footage and fingerprints.


Scream Tone (2004) 3min, b&w, sound, 16mm

This is a direct animation made by applying Letraset half-tone films onto 16mm film. The sound is made by the image as read on the optical track. There is both a positive and negative version of the film; the sound reads differently in each version.

The Natural History of Harris Ave (2004) 3min, b&w, sound, 16mm

Xerox transfer and silkscreen on clear leader. Images of different weeds growing along Harris Avenue in Providence RI.

Persian Pickles (2012) 3min, color, sound, 16mm

A swimming study of paisley patterns traces this decorative motif from its origins in Persian weavings to appearances Irish quilting and American Counterculture. Extending on the stroboscopic tradition of anti-animation, this short material study fixates upon discarded materials to examine the decorative and its relationship to the cycles of industry and evolving modes of production.

Unsubscribe #4: The Saddest Song in the World (2010), color, sound, 16mm

...broken hearted and mashed up.

Future is Bright (2011), color, sound, 16mm 

'Tis a rhyme for your lips                  

And a song for your heart                

To sing it whenever                        

The world falls apart

Dirty Ribbon (2004) 5min, color, sound, 16mm

Andy Warhol (2004) 5min, color, sound, 16mm

Reel 50 (2004) 5min, color, sound, 16mm

Dirty Rosa (2004) 4min, color, sound, 16mm

Inkblot #18: Fragment in Blue (2012) 8min, color, sound, 16mm  

Inkblot #40: Sleep (2011) 5min, color, sound, 16mm  

Inkblot #15: Helens Dreaming (2008) 10min, color, sound, 16mm  

Inkblot #22 (2008) 5min, color, sound, 16mm

Walking the Cross  (2012) 10min, color, sound, 16mm

-from the “Sorry Chapters”

The Days have Clouds  (2012) 5min, color, sound, 16mm  

-from the “Garden Films” series

Silking (2010) 5min, color, sound, 16mm  

-from the “Garden Films” series

120 35mm handmade slides from 2008-2012

If the War Continues (2012) 5min, color, sound, 16mm

for ascending: 

“and before I could be noticed again and taken to task, I spoke to the tiny blessed star within me, shut off my heartbeat, made my body disappear into the shadow of a bush, and continued my previous voyage without thinking about returning home ever again.” -H.Hesse

Animals Moving to the Sound of Drums (2013) 8min, color, sound, 16mm

That fall it was not intentional to have a Galway Kinnell book on the table near where the caterpillar in the doorway, feeding on our offerings, became the butterfly, feeding on honey water, staying in our house until we let it go. Or it was not known  about the deer in Putney or that the baby birds in the raspberry bushes would cry to us in summer.  A beloved, old friend once visited Vermont to do some work for Galway Kinnell and she described a stone table in the field where they ate meals in the afternoon -  it sounded like a song and so I looked at the book and from Little Sleep's-Head Sprouting Hair in the Moonlight here is that line: “The still undanced cadence of vanishing”.

Trembling Palace (2013) 6min, color, sound, 16mm

The world shivers in the darkness, trembles in the light. Winter, Boston, 2012.

Within (2012) 8min, color, sound, 16mm

"Within" is a film that sustains a complex condition: keeping the inner world alive as the camera looks "out" upon the world. The film, edited mainly in-camera, dives into an interior that drifts increasingly internally, seeking a sort of cave-like milieu that dissolves into abstraction (forms seen in the dark, lacking firm definition, confusing both scales and distances), and then employs real-time complications to bring this internally-directed way of feeling space along with us as it moves into the outside world, or is it an imagined outer world? 

Roadside Attractions (2013) 9min, color, sound, 16mm

Sights of sites along the road. Circling a City Block in Boston.

Freeforms (2013) 9min, b&w, sound, 16mm 

A small universe unbound. chasing waves…

Undergrowth (2011) 11min, color, sound, 16mm

A hunter dreams through its prey's eyes.